About WCCU

Start Owning Your Financial Future!

No matter what your personal needs are, WCCU is here to help you spend, save, manage, invest and make money. Our goal is to facilitate financial stability in your life. Let us help aid you in finding the right checking account, the right loan and the right budget for you and your family’s life and financial well being. If you’re not a member of WCCU, apply for membership today!

Our Mission

Helping You Build A Better Life!

Our commitment to the mission, “Helping You Build A Better Life,” shapes our credit union’s approach as we work with our communities, members, and each other. Our mission reflects the importance of providing personalized financial services and targeted community outreach that supports the unique and meaningful journeys of our members and staff.

Our Vision

WCCU will be the best credit union as your trusted partner through today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

As WCCU continues to grow, we are committed to providing unparalleled service, adapting to our communities, members, and staff’s evolving needs by building a resilient and supportive partnership.

Our Values

Our Values represent who we are and who we aspire to be for our members & each other. As we grow, we will build upon the foundation that has made us who we are since 1939. We will keep our Values alive and well within the walls of WCCU and hope that our staff also use our Values in their day-to-day lives to be the positive change within their communities.

Our Annual Operational & Financial Performance

WCCU publishes an annual report to describe our operational and financial performance from the previous year. Explore the achievements, milestones, and the values that drive us forward. Join us as we provide solutions that continue to help you build a better life!