Business Non-Profit Checking

Your Good Work Needs A Great Account

The Business Non-Profit Checking Account is an account set up to offer solutions for approved non-profit businesses and charitable groups that spend their time supporting and giving back to their communities. Let us help you, help many!

Business type examples that may consider a Business Non-Profit Checking Account:

  • Approved Non-Profit Organizations (Ex. Church Groups, Boy/Girl Scout Troops, Class Reunion Accounts, Food Pantries)

Business Non-Profit Checking Features:

  • No minimum to open.
  • No monthly maintenance fee.
  • No minimum balance required.
  • All checks are free.

Compare WCCU Business Checking Accounts*

Business Basic CheckingBusiness Premium CheckingBusiness Elite Checking
Minimum To OpenNoneNoneNone
Minimum Balance$300$1,000$5,000
Minimum Balance Fee$10$10$10
Monthly Maintenance Fee$0$10$15
Check Deposit Fees – Free Per Month100150200
Check Deposit Fees – Additional Per Check$0.20$0.20$0.20
Earnings Credit (To Offset Fees)*N/AYesYes

*Business Non-Profit Checking is available to approved non-profit businesses and has a zero minimum to open, zero minimum balance, no fees, no fees on checks, and no potential for earnings on the account.

WCCU Checking Essentials:

Get CheckMate – it’s your debit and ATM card all in one!

  • A CheckMate Card is a Debit Card and ATM Card all in one!
  • It looks like a credit card, but works like a check. Use it wherever VISA is accepted and the money will be directly taken from your checking account.
  • Use it instead of your checks to have money taken from your checking account and avoid unnecessary check writing hassles.
  • The card is free.
  • FREE transactions at any WCCU ATM.
  • Withdrawals and transfers at non-WCCU ATM’s are $1.00 plus any surcharge charged by the owner of the ATM.
  • WCCU’s overdraft policy applied to CheckMate Card transactions.
  • Note:  Business accounts can only use an ATM to withdraw money.

Check Safekeeping

At WCCU, you need not worry about storing your original returned checks. For your convenience, copies of original checks are kept in safekeeping. If you have online access to your accounts, you can view and print copies of your cleared checks.  If you do not have online access to your accounts, you can request a photocopy of a paid check at any time.  Each copy is $1.00.  Requests that involve many checks or requests that require a significant amount of time may be subject to a research charge.

Automatic Deductions/Transfers

  • Saves you time and money.
  • Less checks to write.
  • Peace of mind. Payments are made automatically.
  • For loan payments, insurance premiums, utility bills, donations, etc.
  • Payments automatically taken from your checking account on the date that you specify.
  • To cancel an automatic transfer, you simply send a letter notifying the payee that the automatic deduction is canceled and keep a copy of the letter for your records.


Statements for all WCCU checking accounts are mailed monthly. All transactions, including direct deposits, automatic transfers/payments, debit card purchases, ATM transactions, Internet transactions, and TellerLine/phone transactions are included on your monthly statements.