Energy Loans

This innovative loan program is perfect for financing renewable energy installations such as:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Geothermal
  • Energy Storage Options

Renewable energy and energy efficiency options offer environmental benefits, but can also cut down on long term energy usage costs. If you’re building or renovating, look for energy-efficient options to help you conserve energy in your home by preventing heat or cool air from escaping. Once your home is energy efficient, incorporating renewable energy like geothermal, solar, and wind can be an added benefit.

The LEG Up Loan Program is set up to help with the initial costs that go into installation. This program is available to anyone who lives or works within WCCU’s field of membership. The program focuses on maximizing rebates and tax incentives to shorten the return on investment.

For more information about Energy Loans like the LEG Up Program, contact any of our WCCU locations and we will be happy to assist you.