Sponsorships & Donations

WCCU Actively Supports The Communities In Which We Serve

WCCU Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative and we strive to be fair in approving all monetary requests.

Our mission is to support community service organizations, other non-profit organizations and organizations that are members of WCCU. It is important that these organizations provide benefits to people in our local communities. Therefore we do not authorize monetary donations for individual gain.

Each request is carefully considered based on the requesting organization’s impact in our communities and the purpose of the funds. well-established financial institution located in 10 communities and growing throughout southwestern Wisconsin.

Small Donation Requests* (Under $500)

  • Donation requests under $500 shall be approved or denied by the local Branch Manager. Please contact your local WCCU location to speak with a Branch Manager regarding your request.
  • Additional supporting documents may be needed on a case-by-case basis.

Large Donation Requests* (Over $500)

  • Donation requests over $500 will require a form to be completed and returned to WCCU.
  • The Marketing Director or President can authorize donations up to $1,000.
  • Board approval is required for donations requests of $1,000 or greater.

*Please consider submitting your request two months (or more) in advance of your event or deadline. The WCCU Board meets monthly for approvals of donation requests, and there may be additional time required to consider your request. Please allow adequate time for ad creations, if necessary, and for completion of physical requests, such as a raffle item or basket.