We continue to receive reports of potential “spoofing” scams. This type of scam involves phone calls and/or text messages that appear to be from WCCU with the purpose of tricking people into providing personal information.

WCCU will NEVER call or text you asking for passwords, codes, or numbers.

If you receive a call or text message claiming to be from WCCU that asks you for any personal information (see examples below), hang up/do not reply or click a link. If they call or text again, contact your local WCCU Branch.  Do not use the call-back feature on the phone or text back because that may go back to the fraudster. 

To avoid being a victim of fraud, HANG UP/DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS if you receive a call or text from anyone asking you for:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Complete credit/debit card numbers
  • PIN numbers
  • CVV numbers and security codes
  • Online access codes and password